Nonprofit Questions

Grants will be awarded within 30 days of the crowdfunding ending. 

Donation and match reports are uploaded to the GLM weekly after matches are calculated and applied. You will receive an email alerting you that reports have been posted.  .

The donor wall listed on campaign pages is global to the website. Donors and donations listed are from all campaigns not just yours. 

Donor Questions

Matches are calculated on a weekly basis, usually sometime on Wednesday. This is done by Community Foundation staff. We appreciate your patience.  has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encrypts all user information. The website does not save/store any credit card information. Credit Cards are processed through a secure embeded Point of Service portal through  

Northwest Corner Gives matches are only applied to donations made through We do not accept checks or cash for campaigns.  If you need technical assistance completing your donation online, please send a request through the Contact Us form to the right of the screen.

A staff member will contact you. 

Donations (grant recommendations) made from Community Foundation funds are added to nonprofit campaigns instantly. Staff then initiate the fund transfer, which may take a few days to a week to report in the fund holder portal.

All donations are matched dollar-for-dollar up the campaign goal.

Nonprofits receive all donations and matches in the form of a grant check within 30 days of the campaign closing.

They receive your donation and the match whether or not they reach their campaign goal. 

Technical Questions/Reports

Depending on the settings on your computer, you may not be able to view pop-ups. You can access nonprofit campaigns through the All Campaigns dropdown below the carousel. 

Check your screen zoom percentage. Web sites often look jumbled if you set your screen to more than 100%. .

Still Have Questions or Need a Staff Member to Contact you?

Staff are available through the Contact Us button below Monday-Thursday from 9a.m-4p.m. and Friday from 9a.m.-noon. This is the best and quickest way to reach staff with Northwest Corner Gives questions. Inquiries from this button are checked hourly during staff hours.

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