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in donations and matches!


 Northwest Corner Gives ran from July 1st – July 29th 2022.


$217,910 in donations were matched dollar-for-dollar by the Northwest CT Community Foundation, raising $435,820 for local nonprofits! 

A Big Thank you 


to the fundholders who make Northwest Corner Gives grants and gift matches possible:

Draper Foundation Fund
Northwest Corner Gives: Covid-19 Fund

Khurshed Bhumgara Fund
Marion Wm. & Alice Edwards Fund

Edwin M. Stone and Edith H. Stone Fund

Northwest CT Philanthropy Fund

Margaret C. Tupper Fund
Edward W. Diskavich Fund
Lucia Tuttle Fritz Fund
Robert Venn Carr Jr. Fund
Keroden Endowed Fund
Borghesi Family Fund

Northwest Corner Gives is the gift-matching grant round of the Northwest CT Community Foundation. 

Northwest Corner Gives 2020 
Northwest Corner Gives 2022 is focused on programs that advance public health and safety recommendations or that provide more equitable access to services and/or supports, with a preference for those related to childhood physical, cognitive, and emotional wellbeing programs or equipment designed to serve clients remotely, or that promote long-term staff health, safety and wellness along with other demonstrable COVID-19 driven needs and opportunities operational support, capacity building construction, and renovation projects.

Launched in 2020 in response to Covid-19, Northwest Corner Gives raised $635,280 in immediate Covid-19 Relief grants for 53 Northwest Corner nonprofits. 

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